Tabletop Genesis Episode 12 – “… And Then There Were Three … “

and then there were threeLaughter, music (and perfume!) linger ’round the tabletop as the members dive deep in the motherlode that is 1978’s “… And Then There Were Three …” The lively discussion touches on Steve Hackett’s departure from the group and the “genesis” of the three-piece unit, while exploring everything from snowmen and all-star Indian tribes to pretty mamas and maidens fair.

Tabletop Genesis Episode 11 – Steve Hackett Interview

steve hackett tabletop genesisGenesis and solo legend Steve Hackett sits down with members of the Tabletop to discuss his latest work, Wolflight, how he chose songs for his most recent career-spanning tour, the history behind a Genesis fan-favorite tune, and more!

Tabletop Genesis Episode 10 – “Foxtrot”

foxtrotStrap on your batwings and flower masks as the members of Tabletop Genesis discuss the band’s 1972 classic, Foxtrot. The expanded podcast covers everything from alien visitors and carved oak tables to restrictions on humanoid height – PLUS, almost an hour devoted to the magnum opus, “Supper’s Ready.”

Tabletop Genesis Episode 09 – “Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)”

peter gabriel meltTabletop Genesis DO remember (and DO recall) Peter Gabriel’s third album as they take their first venture into a band member’s solo album. The group attempts to lead a normal discussion that includes everything from assassinations and kissing baboons to why she’s so funky (yeah!).

Tabletop Genesis Episode 08 – “Invisible Touch”

invisible touchInvisible Touch holds a special place in the hearts of many fans as their first introduction to the band, opening a doorway to their earlier “classic” material. For many others, it marked the final nail in the coffin of what was once a great band; in their ears, the album was “complete bollocks.” You might want to take cover behind sheets of double glazing as the members of Tabletop Genesis square off on the band’s divisive 1986 album.

Tabletop Genesis Ep 07 – “Spot the Pigeon” & “Seconds Out”

Spot the Pigeons Seconds OutClive Nolan of Pendragon has called it “the album that made me want to be in a rock band,” and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters said it was “one of his drum bibles.” Now hear what the members of Tabletop Genesis have to say about the band’s 1977 double live album, Seconds Out. Plus, Tabletop Tom explains why he thinks a certain Spot the Pigeon track is for the birds.

Tabletop Genesis Ep 06 – “Wind & Wuthering”

genesis wind and witheringThe members of Tabletop Genesis bask in the afterglow after having their own special way with 1976’s Wind & Wuthering, tackling failed Scottish uprisings, giant mice, the departure of Steve Hackett, and the album’s best song for shakin’ ya groove thang!

Tabletop Genesis Ep 05 – “Trespass”

genesis-trespassStacy “Daughter of White Fang” Godfrey and the rest of the Tabletop Genesis members discuss 1970’s “Trespass,” touching on the contribution of Anthony Phillips, the departure of John Mayhew, and Peter Gabriel’s farm animal impression in “The Knife.”

Tabletop Genesis Ep 04 – The Mama Tour Video

MamaTourDVDIn this bonus “mini” podcast, the members of Tabletop Genesis put on their sunglasses and crank up the boom box as they reflect on the Mama Tour Video and the integral part it played in their fandom.

Tabletop Genesis Ep 03 – “Genesis”

genesis mamaGenesis’ 1983 self-titled album is also known as “Shapes” and “The Mama Album” … but “The Piano Album?” One Tabletop Genesis member makes his case, and the group gets in touch with the “other world” as they tackle everything from silver rainbows to faux-Mexican accents.