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We’re recording the next two episodes of the Tabletop Genesis show this weekend (Saturday, March 28th).

Your regular TG team of Mike Lord, Tom Roché, Stacy and Simon Godfrey will be present, plus there is a chance that fellow Genesis enthusiast Eli Noetinger might join us, too.

Nursery Cryme The two Genesis albums up for discussion come from wildly different eras of the band. The first episode to air will focus upon 1971’s Nursery Cryme which featured the classic Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford line up for the first time.

Genesis ShapesThe second show looks at the 1983 release simply titled Genesis, although it has also been referred to as “Mama” or “Shapes.” This was the second album to be written and recorded at the band’s studio, The Farm, and featured the single “Mama,” their highest UK charting release.

Should you wish to contribute thoughts, memories or questions for the TG crew concerning either of these albums, you can do so by commenting below or emailing us at:

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