Tabletop Genesis Ep 01 – “Abacab”

abacabcoverDarth Vader, agitator! The members of Tabletop Genesis take a look back at Genesis’ 1981 album, “Abacab,” and reveal what they really think about “Who Dunnit?”

3 thoughts on “Tabletop Genesis Ep 01 – “Abacab”

  • March 26, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Great analysis, guys (and one gal)!

    If I had sat in and contributed to your conversation, I would also have taken exception to Stacy’s dissatisfaction of “Me and Sarah Jane”. How can anybody not like that song? I would point out that there is “magic” in most every Genesis song. It may be in the chorus, or in a very special bridge section in the song. “Me and Sarah Jane” has that “magic” in the bridge and closing section.

    Regarding “Who Dunnit?”, I would have added that I believe this was a joke song. It may have been their tribute, or even commentary of punk rock, which was trending at that time. Perhaps they were asking “who dunnit?, as in…who writes this crap and puts it on vinyl? They know who did it!

    As far as a closer for the album, I would have nixed “Another Record” and ended the album with “Like It or Not”. I particularly like the 2007 remix where you can hear more emphasis on the vocal harmonies. This version really grew on me!

    “You Might Recall” was a favorite B song for me. I also like the 2007 remix which adds vocal harmonies to the chorus, unlike “Me and Sarah Jane” where the remix omits the original release vocal harmonies during the bridge section. Perhaps Nick Davis wanted it to sound more like the live version, where vocal harmonies are seldom found.

    I’ll close by saying “Naminumu”, which in Genesis speak may actually mean “Live Long and Prosper”! Yeah, I’m a Star Trek fan, too!

  • tgenesis
    March 26, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Thanks for listening, Martin! Yeah, I was also surprised to hear negative comments about “Me & Sarah Jane,” but I guess that’s what keeps the conversation fresh!

    I used to be in the Who-Dunnit-hating crowd, but over time I’ve come to not mind listening to it – I have a few other G-tunes that I’m much quicker to hit the skip button on than that one. But maybe it’s cyclical, and one day I’ll switch back to thinking, what were they thinking?!

    I didn’t get to mention my thoughts on Naminumu/Submarine during the podcast, but while I enjoy the former, the latter never did anything for me. It feels like a work in progress that you’d get as part of a bonus reissue or something. And the beat is so glacial, it reminds me of Phil’s “I’ve Forgotten Everything” from Both Sides.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Abacab – next up will be Nursery Cryme and we will let you know when it airs!


  • July 30, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Stacy, you are not alone. I am not a fan of Sarah Jane or You Might Recall for that matter!


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