Tabletop Genesis Episode 19 – “The Album Covers”

From the “how much more black could it be?” cover of From Genesis to Revelation to the ectoplasmic font of Calling All Stations, the members of the Tabletop put their spin on the album artwork of Genesis. Plus, we’re counting down the Top 10 Genesis Album Covers as chosen by you, the listeners! [Note: the giveaway mentioned in the episode has now ended]

genesis covers

Tabletop Genesis Ep 05 – “Trespass”

genesis-trespassStacy “Daughter of White Fang” Godfrey and the rest of the Tabletop Genesis members discuss 1970’s “Trespass,” touching on the contribution of Anthony Phillips, the departure of John Mayhew, and Peter Gabriel’s farm animal impression in “The Knife.”