Eli Noetinger

tabletop genesis eli noetinger

Eli about to see Genesis live for the first time in Hamburg, 2007.

Eli grew up in Argentina and got to know the band during the mid ’80s through her older siblings, who played Genesis and Gabriel non-stop. Did she really have a choice? 😉 So she found herself listening to “Carpet Crawlers,” “Watcher of the Skies,” “Match of the Day,” “Back in NYC,” “Follow You Follow Me” and “Solsbury Hill” on a daily basis. She soon clicked with the band, which she suspected had two singers that sounded very much alike. She also became a huge Collins fan through No Jacket Required.

She then started to get hold of as many back catalog releases as possible, and found books with the lyrics in English and Spanish (what are these people singing about?). She was lucky enough to see Peter Gabriel (’86) and Steve Hackett (’93) live in Buenos Aires, and she even got to meet them (of course!). In 1995, she saw Collins twice at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. Also, during the late ’80s and early ’90s, she was a regular at the gigs by a Genesis tribute band called Rael, which proved to be an amazing way to know more about the visuals of the band. It was like seeing the real thing …

Tired of missing out on the London prog scene, in 2001 Eli moved there, and she remained in the city until 2010. During her time in Europe, she saw Genesis in 2007 … six times! In Hamburg, Hannover, Paris, Rome, London and Manchester. Another series of unforgettable experiences – because of the music and because of the people she met through the band.

Now on the North American side of the Atlantic, she is thrilled to be part of Tabletop Genesis. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the podcasts as much as she does. It is a real pleasure to talk about the band they love and with great like-minded friends!