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I wonder why I didn’t get laid in high school …

It’s been a long, long time … almost 30 years, in fact! My passion for Genesis started in 1986 when songs from “Invisible Touch” started hitting the air waves. Something about their music sparked in me a desire to dive deeper into their catalog; the “Mama” album (the cassette from Columbia House, to be exact) came next, and it hooked me a bit more. Over the next few years I bought every album and became a bona fide Genesis junkie – in addition to exploring the solo careers of its members.

Unfortunately, the “Invisible Touch” tour had wrapped up by the time I really got into the band, so I missed that boat. I finally got to see them in May of ’92 for the “We Can’t Dance” tour, and then somehow managed (in my pre-kids days!) to see them on the 2007 “Turn It On Again” tour a total of 8 times in 7 cities (and 2 countries!) – memories to last a lifetime! I’ve been lucky enough to have met several members of the band at different points in my life: Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, and even Ray Wilson. Mike has eluded me, as well as Phil, who I believe might currently be hiding in the basement of the Alamo.

I am thoroughly enjoying my seat at Tabletop Genesis, spending time with great friends who are equally (if not more) in love with this fantastic band. I hope you enjoy listening to our take on their music, and if you’d like to drop us a line, e-mail us at Thanks for listening!