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AudienceParticipationIt’s audience participation time! (Don’t worry, we won’t make you raise your hands up and go, “Oooooooooo…”)

Do you have a question for the Tabletop? Want to add your 2 cents on a previous podcast discussion? If so, we’d love to have you join us (virtually) around the table in an upcoming episode!

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Send us an audio recording (.m4a, .mp3) of your question or comment
2. Send us an email with your question or comment

Whether you are speaking or typing, please send to We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to include all submissions in an episode, but you have a pretty good shot if you follow the guidelines below:

— Include at least your first name and where you live (not your exact address – just city, state or country.)
— Please include “Tabletop Submission” in the subject of your email.
— If you are recording your question or comment, be sure to speak clearly and somewhere without a lot of background noise.
— Feel free to direct a question to a specific member or members of the Tabletop.
— You can submit more than 1 question or comment, but if you are recording these, please send each in a separate email following the guidelines above.

Thanks! (OK, NOW stick your hands up and go, “Oooooooooooooo…”!)

Send Us Your Comments for Our Next Show!

We’re recording the next two episodes of the Tabletop Genesis show this weekend (Saturday, March 28th).

Your regular TG team of Mike Lord, Tom Roché, Stacy and Simon Godfrey will be present, plus there is a chance that fellow Genesis enthusiast Eli Noetinger might join us, too.

Nursery Cryme The two Genesis albums up for discussion come from wildly different eras of the band. The first episode to air will focus upon 1971’s Nursery Cryme which featured the classic Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford line up for the first time.

Genesis ShapesThe second show looks at the 1983 release simply titled Genesis, although it has also been referred to as “Mama” or “Shapes.” This was the second album to be written and recorded at the band’s studio, The Farm, and featured the single “Mama,” their highest UK charting release.

Should you wish to contribute thoughts, memories or questions for the TG crew concerning either of these albums, you can do so by commenting below or emailing us at:

Welcome to Tabletop Genesis!

You’ve entered a realm where you will know what it means to be a lamb lying down beyond the silver rainbow while Duke dances on a volcano. Actually it’s just a few friends sitting around a table talking about their favorite band Genesis, but it promises to be as equally silly and surreal.

Join your hosts Simon Godfrey, Stacy Godfrey, Mike Lord, Eli Noetinger, and Tom Roché as they wax poetic on everything Genesis from the songs to the tours to the evolution of Mike Rutherford’s facial hair.

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