Michael Lord

mike lord

Rutherford and Banks get to meet the Mike Lord.

Mike Lord got into rock music, (after a few years of only buying comedy albums and movie soundtracks), in 1984. The first two bands he got into were Yes and Genesis. Both bands featured music that looked to transcend the domain of the average pop song, and gave him hours of listening pleasure. When Mike became a fan, it was in the pre-internet era, so he had to scour the bookstores and record shops for information about these bands. Amazingly, the random musical facts and bit of trivia gained during these early years are still bouncing around in Mike’s head, making him an absolute bore at parties.

For years, Mike suffered his fandom mainly on his own, meeting a few people along the way who shared his passion for this music. Then, the development of the internet allowed for more connection to others with the same musical passions. Through a very fortuitous sequence of events, Mike found himself offered a surprising opportunity; in October 2007, Mike became the content manager/webmaster for the official Genesis website. While the work itself was a dream, what was truly amazing were the relationships developed with friends through the site. This shared passion for the music was the start of many long-term friendships, which the power of music helped to foster.

All this has led Mike to be a part of the podcast, with good friends talking about the music they love. Naturally, hairs can still be split over whether this song is “better” than that song, but the core friendships are constant. And for that, Mike is a very happy man.