Simon Godfrey

simon godfrey

“Ahhhh can’t dance, ahhhhh can’t talk…”

Simon was born at an early age. His first encounter with the band Genesis occurred in 1982 when he saw them performing “Paperlate” on the UK TV music show, Top Of The Pops. It was his “The Beatles on Ed Sullivan” moment and he vowed to purchase their single the very next day. The very next day he bought the single “House Of Fun” by Madness, proving once and for all his appalling attention span.

That hiccup aside, Simon began to collect all the Genesis material he could find (and afford) and the rest as they say, is poverty.

Simon’s first Genesis live show was at Wembley Stadium on the Invisible Touch tour back in 1987 and he resolved there and then to follow his hero Phil Collins into the world of professional music. It took 20 years and many bank robberies, but Simon now writes, records and performs full time.

His passion for the music of Genesis is only surpassed by the love for his wife Stacy and perhaps cheese. Simon lives in Philadelphia, USA and co-owns the world’s slowest greyhound, Dora.